Costa Rica Facts – 95 Loving Facts About Costa Rica

Costa Rica facts for kids

Costa Rica is highly affected by its national debt.

Diquis Delta stone spheres in Costa Rica are one of Central America’s most intriguing archaeological phenomena. They are thousands of stone sphere from 4 inches to 8 feet in diameter, were uncovered in the 1940s.

Paolo Wanchop, a soccer player is the Costa Rica’s biggest sports star and the world’s most famous Costa Rican.

The National Post Office in Costa Rica was built in 1914. The postal service does not offer home delivery and hence Costa Ricans have to visit local post office to collect their mail.

Angela Acuna is the first female layer of Costa Rica, she founded the Feminist League in1923 and struggled for woman’s suffrage in Costa Rica. Universal suffrage was granted in 1949.

Marimba is the national instrument of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica possesses 51 of the new world’s 300 hummingbird species.

Costa Rica suffered anywhere between 2 to 40 earthquakes in a month. These tremors are slight and barely noticeable.

There are 4 World Heritage sites in Costa Rica: La Amistad National park, Cocos Island National Park, Guanacaste Conservation Area, Stone Spheres.

Costa Rica is 1 of the 23 countries that abolished armed forces.