Costa Rica Facts – 95 Loving Facts About Costa Rica

Cool facts about Costa Rica

People there walk around with a machete.

San Jose is the capital of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica has two climates, dry and rainy season.

The Tempisque River Bridge (El Puente de Amistad) was a gift from Taiwan. It connects the mainland to the Nicoya Peninsula.

Costa Rica is one of the few countries that had a female president. Laura Chinchilla was the president of Costa Rica from 2010-14.

Blowing your nose in public is considered impolite and disgusting in Costa Rica.

There are 20,000 spider species in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is the only country to ban IVF.

Locks on houses, gates and door almost always work backwards.

There is drinkable tap water in most areas of the country, especially those where tourists frequent.