Crazy Facts That Will Make You Crazy

Shine among your friends with some crazy facts, these are the odd facts which barely anyone knows about. So crazy and funky facts are waiting to be explored, go ahead and Shine like a start…

Crazy Facts Barely Anyone Knows About

Pangea, the supercontinent comes from Greek work meaning “enitre” and “earth”.

Venus is the second brightest natural object in the sky after moon, it is even bright enough to cast shadows.

Plutonium is a metal, but it won’t stick to a magnet.

A rare ability thought unique to humans, is found in Australian bird, chestnut-crowned babbler. It is the ability to string together meaningless sounds to make up new words.

Planktons produce 50% of world oxygen.

In Italy, people wear red underwear on New Year’s Day as a symbol of good luck for the upcoming year.

Talking to yourself actually makes you smarter.

There are glowing firefly squids in Japan, which glow as they are pushed to the shore’s edge.

Scientists have created blue strawberries that can withstand freezing temperature.

Mercury and Mars are having the lowest surface gravity in our in the Solar System.