Crazy Facts That Will Make You Crazy

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The world’s poisonous frog is less than a centimeter long and its skin is 200 times more toxic than morphine.

Sarcastic people tend to be more creative.

Seagulls can drink saltwater, since they have special glands which filter out the salt.

Scientists are working on a GPS that works in space. It uses x-ray’s emitted by pulsars to get a position anywhere, accurate to 5km. It’s called XNAV.

Japan used $30 M of their Tsunami relief funds to support whaling.

Every time you visit, it installs 159 third party cookies on your computer to track your habits.

Fake smiling causes real happiness.

There is a Buddhist temple in Thailand constructed of an estimated 1.5 million beer bottles.

People who stay up late are more likely to experience nightmares.

When you sleep you grow by 0.3 of an inch.