D-Day Facts – Unknown Facts about D-Day

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D-Day Landing Facts

The Atlantic wall was build by the Germans for protection from the operations like D-Day or even worst.

The Atlantic Wall was build with 1,200,000 tons of steel, 17,000,000 of cubic meters of concrete and 260,000 workers helped . It had 92 manned radar regions.

Hitler wanted 300,000 soldiers standing at 15,000 concrete man made stations throughout the Atlantic wall Stretch.

For the operation of D-Day 1,000,000 U.S soldiers were sent to Europe during 1942 to 1944.

By the D-Day the U.S has shipped 7,000,000 tons of requirements to the British.

To deceive the Germans, the Allies created a fake operation called Operation Bodyguard. It tried to mislead the Germans about the date and location of the main Allied landing.

During the D-Day, 350,000 French Resistance members helped the Allies and only 100,000 people had weapons.

For the D-Day invasion U.S Major General Percy Hobart of Allied Forces devised many specialist vehicles like bulldozers and Swimming Tanks.

Before the D-Day, 30,000 practice sessions were taken with swimming tanks.

For the D-Day invasion all the allied Air aircraft had to wear invasion stripes except Heavy bombers and seaplanes.