Death Penalty Facts – 60 Facts About the Death Penalty

Facts About the Death Penalty

According to a survey, death sentence execution is more expensive than the life sentence and life sentence is considered as an oppressive punishment.

The $186 millions of taxpayer’s amount have been utilized for 30 years death penalty sentence that is equal to 5 executions.

The cost of defense trial in federal death penalty case is 8 times more than the non-capital murder case.

Since 1978, California spent $4 billion on Death penalty cases and only 13 executions have occurred.

In a  National survey rankings, U.S Police Chiefs ranked death penalty last in priorities for reducing crime.

80% of the country’s death penalty execution were carried out in the south and has the highest murder rate.

In the U.S, the states with the death penalty have 4.7 murder rate and the states without the death penalty have 3.7 murder rate.

Northeast of U.S. has the lowest murder rate, accounting for less than 1% of the overall executions in the country.

If the victim is white, then the death penalty sentence is 3.5 times higher rather than if the victim is from other race.

If the victim is white, then the criminal will have a 75% chance of execution in capital cases.