Death Penalty Facts – 60 Facts About the Death Penalty

Facts About the Death Penalty

In U.S, 50% of the murdered victims are white.

Since 1976, 293 black criminals have been executed for murdering whites and 31 white criminals are executed for murdering blacks.

The 42% of the inmate deaths are caused by African-Americans.

The 35% of the inmates executed are blacks.

The Hispanics death sentence rate increased from 7% in 1994 to 15% in 2016.

Since 1976, 50% of the executions were carried out in only 2% of U.S counties.

In 2013, 2% of U.S counties are responsible for 56% of the inmate’s death sentence and it is considered as the highest.

In 2013, 20% of U.S counties are responsible for the death sentence of 3,125 inmates.

In U.S, the states having Death penalty also have the life imprisonment without parole.

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