Death Penalty Facts – 60 Facts About the Death Penalty

Facts on the Death Penalty

In U.S, there are 139 non citizens in death sentence and 91 of them belong to the countries that don’t have the death sentence.

In U.S, there are 62 people on federal death sentence, including the people that belong to the 6 states that don’t have the death sentence.

In death penalty states, the primary execution is Lethal Injection.

Since 2010, 7 lethal injection executions were carried out.

In 2014,  3 experimental executions were carried out that caused the inmate to suffocate and cause intense suffering.

All the pharmaceutical companies in the Europe and some in the U.S have banned the production of Execution drugs and the use of their drugs in the Execution.

Out of 25 people sentenced to death penalty in U.S, one will be innocent.

In 32 U.S states, the death penalty is legal.

The Iranians are penalized to a death sentence if they change their religion from Islam.

In 1950, a British citizen was wrongly executed for murdering his wife and daughter and so, the British government outlawed the death penalty.