Dinosaur Facts: 80 Mind Blowing Facts About Dinosaurs

dinosaur facts

Dinosaur facts: 80 Interesting facts about Dinosaurs. Everyone is aware of Dinosaurs, the Jurassic Park movie has said everything one needs to know about the Dinosaurs, but do you think that it is suffice, well even I believed I knew everything about Dinosaurs until I came across these facts about Dinosaurs and I guarantee that even you don’t know everything about Dinosaurs, and reading this list will help you in understanding more about Dinosaurs. Did you know, Dinosaurs have ruled Earth for over 160 million years! let’s explore more facts about Dinosaurs.

Dinosaur facts

Dinosaurs belong to the reptile species.

Dinosaurs inhabited on earth from 230 million years to 63 million years ago.

During the Mesozoic period, the dinosaurs existed on earth.

During the Triassic, Jurassic and cretaceous era, the dinosaurs lived on earth.

Theropods are the meat eating dinosaurs, which have sharp and hooked claws.

Till to date, there is no scientific evidence proven to know the life span of a dinosaur.

Recently, scientists given a theory for some dinosaur’s lifespan can be up to 200 years or more.

The skulls of the dinosaurs are large as a car and because of the holes present in the skull made them weight lighter.

There are more than 1000 non avian dinosaur species and more to be discovered.

The Scientist believes more than 500 different dinosaur species of genera present and yet 1,850 genera are unknown.