Dinosaur Facts: 80 Mind Blowing Facts About Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Facts for Kids

In 1824, William Buckland found the first magalosaurus fossil.

In 1825, Gideon Mantell gives the description of the iguanodon fossil.

In 1858, Joseph Leidy gives first complete description of the entire skeleton body of the dinosaur.

In 1868, Thomas Huxley has proposed a relationship between birds and dinosaurs.

In 1902, Barnum Brown discovered the first Tyrannosaurus fossil.

In 1908, George and Levi Sternberg found the first dinosaur skin impression of Edmontosaurus species.

In 19323, Roy Chapman found the first dinosaur nest.

In 1978, Jack horner found the first dinosaur  eggs of Maiasaura nursery and its nests.

In 1987 the hefty Dinosaur called as Argentinosaurus was found in Argentina.

In 1990 the largest Tyrannosaurus Rex was discovered and named as sue.