Dolphin Facts – Fascinating Facts About Dolphins

Facts About Dolphins

In ancient Greece killing dolphins could cost you a life. They called dolphin’s ‘heiros ichhtys’ meaning ‘sacred fish.’

Auntie dolphins, either male or female, may assist with the birth and are often the only other dolphin allowed near the young.

Dolphin pods have their own culture, and each individual pod may speak with a different recognizable accent that differs from pod to pod, and also regionally.

Dolphins get enough water from their food, and they don’t need to drink it because, unlike us, they don’t lose water by sweating.

Dolphins are mammals; they nurse their young from mammary glands.

Dolphin is the only mammal that gives birth with the tail first instead of the head.

Just like cows, dolphins have two stomachs. One is used to store food and the other is where digestion takes place.

Dorsal fin on every dolphin is unique just like human fingerprint.

The bonds of dolphins in the school are very intense. They carry for the sick, the elderly and those that are injured with great care.

Though dolphins have 100 teeth, they don’t use them for eating. Teeth’s are only used to get the fish and then they swallow them.