Dolphin Facts – Fascinating Facts About Dolphins

Fun Facts About Dolphins

Almost all dolphins have no hair other than a few that they have at birth. Only the Boto River Dolphins has a small amount of hair that they will keep as an adult.

Dolphins have a fast healing process for their bodies even when they have deep wounds like the shark bites. It is mysterious how dolphins do it when other mammals would hemorrhage.

Dolphins have been observed teaching their young how to use tools. They cover their snouts with sponge to protect themselves while foraging.

Spinner dolphins is the species which undertakes the most marine gymnastics.

Bubber, the very dense body fat serves as an insulation helping the dolphins to stay warm in the cold water.

Sharks and killer whales are natural predators of dolphins.

New Zealand dolphin and the vaquita are the smallest dolphins at about 1.4 meters.

Dolphins aren’t involuntary breathers. They must consciously swim to surface to take a breath.

Dolphin’s eyes are located at the side of their heads, giving them a 360 degree field of vision.

Pregnancy in dolphin lasts between 11 and 17 months.