Dream Facts – 37 Interesting Facts About Dreams

Weird Facts About Dreams

Toddlers don’t dream about themselves until they are about 3 to 4 years old.

We dream vividly during the REM sleep. It occurs in short episodes every 90 minutes.

People who stay up late in night tend to experience more dreams that those who sleep early.

You can’t read and tell time while dreaming.

Men tend to dream more about violent things than women.

Children who grew up watching black and white television will tend to have more black and white dreams than children who grew up watching color.

Blind people can experience dream through other senses such as sound, smell and touch.

Even fetuses in the womb dream, though they have any visual stimulation. It is believed that the dreams are composed of touch and sound sensations.

Dreams help in learning.

One dreams throughout the night and not only in the REM sleep.