Drug Facts – 43 Interesting Facts About Drugs

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Drug Abuse Facts

Teens who are educated about the pitfalls of taking drugs by their parents are 50% less likely to take up drugs later in life as compared to those who are not educated.

It is estimated that 208 million people consume drugs across the globe.

9 million Americans constituting 8% of the population use illegal drugs in the previous month according to a survey conducted by National Survey on Drug Use and Health in 2007.

The most common drug that is abused in the US is alcohol.

Alcohol related motor accidents are the second leading cause of teen deaths in the US

9% of the global population between the age of 15 and 64 abuse marijuana as per a United Nations 2008 World Drug Report.

Young people are exposed at a much younger age and according to a CDC 2007 report, 45% of high school students had consumed alcohol while 19.7% had smoked pot in a one month period

Recent studies in Europe suggest that 44% Czech Republic, 39% Ireland, 38% UK, 38% France population in between 15 to 16 years used marijuana. In Spain and UK, 4 to 6% populations in the 15-16 age groups were addicted to cocaine. Use of cocaine is also rising in countries like Denmark, Italy, Spain, UK, Norway and France.

Total cost of drug abuse exceeds $190 Billion.

This includes $130 Billion in lost productivity, $20 Billion in healthcare costs, $40 Billion in legal costs including efforts to stem the flow of drugs.