Earthquake Facts – 68 Astonishing Facts About Earthquakes

Interesting Facts About Earthquakes

Energy released by an earthquake can be more powerful than the Hiroshima Nuclear bomb.

More than 10,000 earthquakes happen in southern California each year.

Magnitude of an earthquake is also called as the measure of an earthquakes size.

Spring Pendulum seismometers record the long period motion produced by earthquakes and the largest earthquake weighed about 15 tons.

The first pendulum seismoscope to measure the shaking of the ground during an earthquake was developed in 1751, but it wasn’t until 1855 that faults were recognized as the source of earthquakes.

Tidal waves are caused by gravitational interactions and the Tsunamis are caused by underwater earthquake.

The shaking of the ground level during the earthquake is measured as the intensity of the earthquake.

Most of the earthquakes start at 80 km (50 miles) below the earth’s ground level.

The two deadliest earthquakes occurred in china, one in 1556 with 830,000 casualties and the other in 1976 with 250,000 casualties.

The deepest earthquakes occur at plate boundaries where the crust is subducted into the mantle, it occurs at 750 km (400 miles) below the surface.