Earthquake Facts – 68 Astonishing Facts About Earthquakes

Fun Facts About Earthquakes

Shifting of masses of rock underground is the cause of the earthquake was proved by the British Engineer John Michel in 1760.

Most earthquakes have a frequency of less than 20 HZ  and the rumbling sounds are made by the buildings and the things moving.

In 1960, Chilean earthquake’s seismic waves shook the entire earth for several days and it is known as the free oscillation of the earth.

The 2004 Indonesian Earthquake slightly weakened the San Andreas Fault.

Earthquakes turn water into golds pressure causes the sudden vaporization of water in the faults, depositing gold.

The rising sea level due to melting of glaciers increases the frequency and intensity of the earthquakes because it disturbs the balance of pressure on earth’s tectonic plates.

Scientifically there is no way to predict earthquakes.

The epicenter is known as the point on earth’s surface where the earthquake originates.

Tsunamis are caused by underwater earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Seismometer measures the shock of an earthquake and Richter scale determines the magnitude of an earthquake.