Ecuador Facts – 67 Interesting Facts About Ecuador

Ecuador Fun Facts

At least 14 recognized languages are spoken in Ecuador.

Ecuador is divided into 4 main geographic regions: La Costa or “the coast”, La Sierra or “the highlands”, La Amazonia or “the east” and La Region Insular.

Spanish founded Ecuador in 1532, they drove out the Incas.

Ecuador provides majority of the world’s Balsa wood supply.

Pasillo is the Ecuador music played for festivals and dances.

Kichwa people of Tigua are known world wide for their traditional paintings on sheepskin canvases.

The 3 colors on the Ecuador’s flag are yellow for country’s diversity, blue for sky and sea, red for blood of the fighters who won independence.

Cotopaxi summit is the highest active volcano in the world.

Soccer is the favorite game of Ecuador.

Ecuador’s economy is the eight largest in Latin America.