Elephant Facts – Fascinating Facts About Elephants

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Elephants Facts

Baby elephants are babysat by other elephants in the herd so that the mother can take enough food to produce sufficient milk for it.

Male elephants are larger than females and have larger tusks.

In 1862, Abraham Lincoln turned down the chance to populate United States with elephants.

Elephants are superior to humans in keeping track of multiple objects in 3D space.

Elephants sleep standing up.

Elephants avoid eating a type of acacia tree that is home to ants because they don’t like ants to get inside their trunks, which are full of sensitive nerve endings.

Elephants comfort each other when distressed either by physical contact or by vocal sounds.

Elephant is the second tallest animal, after giraffe.

Elephants are the only animals other than humans to have chins.

Elephants sleep for only 2 to 3 hours per day.