Elephant Facts – Fascinating Facts About Elephants

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Facts About Elephants for Kids

Elephants can produce different types of sounds. Trumpet is the most popular which is made during distress, excitement or aggression. They can hear one another’s trumpeting from up to 6 miles.

Elephants just like dolphins, great apes and magpies recognize themselves in a mirror.

Elephants are polyphyodonts i.e. they have cycles of tooth rotation through their lives.

Rock hyrax, is the closest living relative of an elephant.

Elephants don’t like peanuts.

Some Kenya farmers protect their fields from elephants by lining the borders with beehives.

Nearly 100 elephants are being killed each day for their ivory.

In Africa, 96% elephants are killed every day.

Elephant can smell water from 12 miles away.

The world’s most expensive coffee, the black ivory beans are passed through elephants gut and picked up from its dung later.