Eye Facts – 50 Amazing Facts About Eyes

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Interesting Facts About Eyes

Albert Einstein has his eyes preserved in a safe box in New York City.

80% of our memory is based upon what we see. The eye is the second most complex organ after the brain.

The skin is the thinnest over the eyes and it can also get sun burnt.

There are more than 39 million blinds around the world and 80% of the vision

An average human eye can differentiate between 10 million types of colors

Human and dogs are the only animals who can understand the emotions by looking at the eyes.

Women could be able to discern more colors because of genetic mutation which makes them able to differentiate colors than their male counterparts.

The eyes which discern brain grey color in total darkness.

It is a myth that persons with blue eyes could tolerate alcohol better.

The digital camera equivalent to the human eye will have a 576 megapixel capacity.