Eye Facts – 50 Amazing Facts About Eyes

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Fun Facts About Eyes

All blue eyed people can be traced back to one individual who had blue eyes some 10000 years ago and lived near the Black Sea.

The human eyes develop about two weeks after conception.

Cats are said to have three eyelids.

The eye lashes also have a life span which is about 5 months. The eyelashes shed by an average individual are over 98 feet.

If we add the time spent blinking when our eye lids are closed, it adds up to 10% of our waking hours.

Dolphins often sleep with one of their eyes open.

Many fishes do not have eye lids and therefore do not close their eyes but have a nictitating membrane which protects their eyes. We also have our nictitating membrane but due to constant disuse have become a vestigial organ.

The human fingerprint has 40 unique characters, while the iris has 256. This is one of the reasons why iris scans are increasingly being used for security purposes.

Researchers have revealed that blue eyes are more light sensitive than dark eyes.

The giant squid has one of the largest eyes in the animal kingdom about the size of a volley ball.