Eye Facts – 50 Amazing Facts About Eyes

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Cool Facts About Eyes

People who were not born blind can see dreams even after their loss of sight.

Red eye in photos are caused when the light bounces off from the back of the eye, the retina which is rich in blood vessels and hence the red color.

A just born baby will cry but no tears are produced. Tears are only produced when the infant is at least six weeks old.

It has been reported that shark cornea which resembles human cornea has been used in human eye surgery.

Camels have extra long eye lashes which can measure up to 10 cm to protect them from the sand particles

The eyes contain seven million cones which help to differentiate colors while it also contains 100 million rods which help us to see in low light conditions.

Geckos can differentiate colors around 350 times better than a human, even in dim lighting

When a person has both his eyes of different color it is known as Heterochromia.

Owls are not able to move their eye balls so they have developed the ability to turn their heads by almost 360 degrees.