Facts About Germany That No One Knows

facts about germany

Germany facts: Facts about Germany that I bet no one knows. Germany is a European Country and Berlin is its capital and the largest city. Read the below facts to know better about Germany, its culture, people and customs.

Germany Facts

The German Beer Purity Law is the oldest food regulation in the world that is still in force today.

In Germany, it is bad luck to wish someone happy birthday in advance.

Everything except church is closed on Sundays.

The first country in the world to adopt Daylight saving time is Germany.

Germany was once a cluster of small kingdoms, duchies and principalities.

In the village of Gutach, unmarried women wear Red Bollenhut pompon hat and married women wear black Pompan hats on religious holidays.

It is illegal to run out of fuel on highways, in Germany.

The world’s biggest folk festival is the Munich’s Oktoberfest.

It is customary not to stir or shake East Frisian tea.

Germans don’t sing the whole national anthem, only the third stanza is legal, first and second are not sung.

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