Facts About Tiger That Will Blow Your Mind

facts about tiger

Tiger facts: facts about tiger that you make you go crazy. Tigers are now endangered species and by knowing them better and spreading awareness, I think everyone can contribute in saving tigers.

Tiger Facts

Tigresses are smaller than their males in each subspecies.

From 1973, it is illegal to import tigers born in the wild.

If a tiger losses its canines through injury or old age, then it can no longer kill and is likely to starve to death.

Tigers can survive in any habitat, from tropical rainforest to snowy terrain.

Tiger’s legs are so powerful that they remain standing even when dead.

Tigers have antiseptic saliva.

Tigers rarely fight over a kill, if another tiger crosses path they share their kill, and if there are females and cubs, male tigers will wait for them to eat first.

Tiger’s tail hangs loosely when relaxed and twitches when nervous or agitated.

Tigers imitate the call of other animals to attract prey.

Tigers are very vocal and they make friendly “chuffing” noises to communicate with one another.