Facts About Tiger That Will Blow Your Mind

Tiger Facts for Kids

Tiger means “arrow”, it comes from Greek word tigris.

Once ranging from the Caspian to the Russian Far North, Tigers now exist in only 7% of their historical range.

In china, poaching tigers or using them for traditional medicine is illegal and punishable with death.

Tiger was originally called Felis tigirisas and in 1929 it was renamed as Panthera tigris.

The largest wild cats in the world are Tigers.

Tiger’s eyes are the brightest of any other animal in the world.

Every tiger in the world is unique: no two tigers have the same pattern of stripe marks.

If the kill is large, Tiger drags the remains to the thicket and cover it with leaves, then return to eat it.

Tiger cubs cannot hunt until they are eighteen months.

Nearly half of the tiger cubs don’t live beyond two years.