Fidel Castro Facts – 25 Interesting Facts About Fidel Castro

Facts About Fidel Castro

Even though he was known by his love for Cuban cigars, he gave it up in 1985. He started wearing a beard which soon became an icon among left leaning individuals but he had better reasons to keep his beard- 15 minutes a day for shaving added up to 5000 minutes every year, he had more important issues to deal with the time saved.

He travelled to Dominican Republic in the summer of 1947 to participate in the overthrow the military dictator Rafael Trujillo, setting the foundation of more important things he would accomplish in the future including armed rebellion against dictatorship and despots in the coming years.

Ubre Blanca which translated means White Udder became the cow with the highest milk yield in one day – 110 liters 29 U.S. gallons and was put forth as communism’s superior breeding skills, and the cow’s achievements in the state controlled news papers.

His views were described by American historian Theodore Draper as Castroism which is a blend of socialism and Latin American revolutionary spirit.

He was instrumental in educating the Cuban woman of the benefits of pressure cookers and his government distributed hundreds at subsidized rates to save fuel. He often came on radio and extolled the benefits of pressure cooker to Cuban house wives.

His government made it its priority to provide every kid with a glass of milk in the morning and evening.

He also tried to popularize CFL bulbs and reduce power consumption.

He was much interested with gastronomy and often wandered into kitchen to discuss cookery with his chefs.

His decision to field Soviet Missiles brought the world to a brink of World War II the Cuban Missile Crisis – a defining incident of the Cold War.

Though he was fluent in English language, he never used it in public forums labeling it as a language of his enemies.