George Washington Facts – 115 Interesting Facts About George Washington

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George Washington facts: Interesting facts about George Washington. George Washington is not only considered a revolutionary hero, but also a man of great integrity with deep sense of honor, patriotism and duty. George Washington has served as the general and commander-in-chief of the colonial armies during the Revolutionary War. He is often referred as the “father of his country”. Let’s explore interesting facts about George Washington.

George Washington Facts

Washington helped promote use of mules in farming in the U.S. as they were stronger and had more endurance than horse.

“So help me God” was added on to the Presidential Oath of Office by George Washington at his inauguration and it’s been done that way ever since.

Washington became one of the largest land holders in United States owning over 50,000 acres of land.

George Washington was the first to sign the Constitution.

Washington during his presidency founded the United States Navy, created State Department, established Supreme Court, and established nation’s official currency.

5 states were added to the Union during the presidency of Washington, namely Rhode Island, Vermont, Carolina, Kentucky, North Carolina and Tennessee.

It was George Washington’s idea of greeting the president as “Mr. President.”

George Washington was so good horsemen, that he was acknowledged as the best horsemen in 13 colonies.

In 1917, an asteroid was named after George Washington as “886 Washingtonia asteroid”.

George Washington’s final words were “I die hard but I am not afraid to go.”