Giraffe Facts – Fun and Interesting Facts About Giraffe

Interesting Giraffe Facts

Female giraffes are called cows, while the males are called bulls. The young ones are called as calves

Giraffe’s primary food source is acacia leaves.

The coat patterns serves as camouflage, allowing it to blend in the light and shade patterns of the surrounding savanna woodlands.

Though the back legs of the giraffe look smaller than the front legs, they are actually same in length.

Giraffes have unusually high heart rates for their height, at 150 beats per minute.

Humans often hunt humans for their tails, hides and for their meat.

Giraffes spend most of the time eating and consume 45 kg of leaves and twigs a day.

Giraffes can run up to speeds of 35 miles per hour over short distances.

Giraffes have the longest tail of all the land mammals.

Though giraffes have long neck than other mammals, it has only seven vertebrae in its neck, the same amount as other animals.