Google Facts – 58 Interesting Facts About Google

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Facts About Google

An artificial intelligence system developed by Google an Oxford University can lip read better than humans.

Donald Trump was the most Google person of 2016 in 88 countries including South Africa, Spain, New Zealand and Mexico.

Google’s homepage was aligned to the right side of the page instead of center until 2001.

Google’s recaptcha helps their computers to read text. The computers are now able to identify words scanned from books, even if they are warped.

Google rents 200 goats to mow the weeds and brush around their headquarters.

The Google street view has about 28 million miles of photographed roads.

Google uses, a tool to recruit employees based on what they search online.

Larry and Sergey have private runways for their planes in NASA, where no other planes are allowed to land.

If you type a number along with “=english” in Google, it will help you in pronouncing that number.

A rotated version of Google exists known as ‘Google Mirror’ which shows everything in a mirrored manner.