Gun Control Facts – 46 Unbelievable Gun Facts

Gun Facts

The US has the highest guns per 100 people in the world- 88.8 guns per 100 people

This adds up to 270,000,000 guns, the highest total for any country

22% of American public own one or more guns.

35% of men and 12% of women own guns

The gun culture of America can be traced to its colonial past, revolutionary roots , expansive policy and the Second Amendment

The Second amendment states that a good militia is of paramount importance to the Free State and the rights of the people to keep arms must not be infringed upon.

The incidence of mass shooting has mostly happened in gun free zones.

According to a Crime research center, 99% of the mass shooting since 1950 has happened in gun free regions.

Experts say that deranged murderers will choose such a place to carry out their despicable act where they are least likely to have any resistance and gun free zones are their best bet.

For a population of 320 million persons in America, there are only 628,000 police officers and it is just not possible to have protection for every citizen. Hence the best option is to arm them.