Harry Potter Facts: 80 Interesting Facts About Harry Facts

harry potter facts

Harry Potter facts: 80 interesting facts about Harry Potter. Harry Potter series has not only mesmerized the kids but it has cast its magic on everyone. Though the series has come to an end, it has deeply ingrained in out brains. Let’s explore unknown and interesting facts about Harry Potter for out Harry Potter fans.

Harry Potter Facts

Daniel Radcliffe used 160 pairs of glasses in the entire 8 film series.

To complete the Gringott’s scene in deathly Hallows, the production unit made 210,000 coins.

Lily Evans became a head girl in her seventh year.

The reason Hagrid hates Mrs. Norris, is because he is allergic to cats.

Almost all the black’s family names are taken from the stars.

March first is Ron’s birthday.

J.k. Rowling is the runner up for the 2007 Time Magazine person of the year.

At Hogwarts the electronics don’t work because the magic interferes with the electronic devices.

11 million deathly hallow copies were sold on the first day of its release.

The anagram for Severus Snape is Persues Evans.