Harry Potter Facts: 80 Interesting Facts About Harry Facts

Harry Potter Fun Facts

Professor Quirrell used to teach Muggle Studies before teaching the Defense against the Dark Arts.

Whenever the piece of Voldemort’s soul tries to depart from Harry’s body, the pain starts from Harry’s scar.

Regulus Black is also attracted to Death eaters just like Draco, but implementing in reality is very tough to handle.

Daniel Radcliffe used his wands as drumsticks and has broken many of them.

Dumbledore used to be a Professor of transfiguration.

The Weasley twins were only apart, when George’s ear was cursed off and when Fred died.

In Latin, Albus means White.

Arthur Weasley’s ambition is to discover how Airplanes fly up in air.

The levels a student can reach in ordinary Wizarding are 12.

The Ever Locked room is the official name of a room in the Department of mysteries, but the ever locked room is also known as The Love chamber.