Harry Potter Facts: 80 Interesting Facts About Harry Facts

Interesting Facts About Harry Potter

Before marrying Arthur Weasley, the molly Weasley name was Molly Prewett.

Snape is always the bullied victim of James because James knew that Snape has respected feelings for lily.

Currently, Daniel Radcliff is richer than Prince Harry, the Prince of Wales.

To get the role for Hermione, Emma Watson auditioned for 8 times.

Dean Thomas assumed that his father left him and his mother, but Dean Thomas’ Father was murdered by death eaters for not joining the death eater’s league.

The burrow for the half blood prince was built in 16 weeks by the production designers and within 6 minutes the burrow was burnt down once the shoot was over.

Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone book were turned down by 12 publishers and finally Bloomsbury took hold of it.

Rowling first created harry potter on the train station while waiting for a 4 hour delayed train.

Pure blood families are mostly interrelated to the black families like the Aunts of Arthur and Molly Weasley belongs to the Black Family members.

The character Dolores Umbridge is based on a real life person, but Rowling never revealed the real life person’s name.