Harry Potter Facts: 80 Interesting Facts About Harry Facts

Harry Potter Movie Facts

The favorite line for Ralph Fiennes from his character Voldemort is “I can touch now”.

From all the Harry Potter films only, Goblet of fire is rated 12A in U.K and PG13 in U.S.

Tom Riddle’s anagram name was differentiated, depending on the translation of the chamber of secrets book. Such as “I am Lord Voldemort” formed from “Tom Marvolo Riddle” in English and as “Soy Lord Voldemort” formed from “Tom Sorvolo Ryddle” in Spanish and as “Je Suis Lord Voldemort” formed from “Tom Elvis Jedusor” in French.

The producer’s first choice for the role Snape was not Alan Rickman, but Rowling has particularly chosen him.

Moaning Myrtle belongs to Ravenclaw.

The scene where Harry wakes up from a dream about Voldemort killing a Muggle Frank Bryce was the last scene filmed from the goblet of fire movie.

Rowling used to earn £5 ($6.84) for every second in the year 2008.

Bonnie Wright was only 9 years old when she debuted for the role Ginny in the Sorcerer’s stone.

The height of the Whomping Willow is 85 feet long.

The favorite line for David Thewlis from his character Remus Lupin is “Boggart”.