Harry Potter Facts: 80 Interesting Facts About Harry Facts

Harry Potter Interesting Facts

Hagrid comes from the word Hagridden which means a person is tortured by a witch.

Rowling doesn’t want the Draco’s character to be fascinating on screen because she knew people are easily attracted to his nature of the character.

From the harry potter series, there are no two wands are similar because every wand is made on site.

Harry potter’s first word spoken on the sets is Padfoot.

The butterbeer the students drink is actually a British drink called as j20.

The last name of Draco Malfoy was originally a Latin word “maleficus” which translates as “Evil doing”.

Rowling actually created characters first, like Harry, Hagrid, peeves, Ron and then comes the Hogwarts.

The Dark Spell “Morsmorde” means “take a bite out of death” in French, which makes the Dark Mark appear in the sky.

The Hogsmeade set in prisoner of Azkaban is also used in the Deathly Hallows Part 1 as the set of Godric’s Hollow.

Ollivander belongs to the Ravenclaw.