Health Facts – 90 Interesting Facts About Health

health facts

Interesting health facts: Interesting facts about health.  Health is wealth! Being healthy is not optional but it should be considered mandatory; everything in this world is replaceable except health where diabetes and other such diseases require lifelong maintenance. A famous adage, Prevention is better than cure is popular among all and everyone agree to it. Maintaining health requires a healthy diet, exercise and a good lifestyle, hence it is not an arduous task to be healthy. Let’s deal with some health facts.

Interesting Health Facts

Exercising when you are young will improve brain function when you are older.

Earwax protects the inner ear from fungi, bacteria, insects and dirt. It also cleans and lubricates the ear canal.

Insulin that is responsible for turning excess body sugar in fat is at peak in the evening.

Poor nutrition in pregnant mothers can cause early ageing of baby’s heart.

When your body is sedentary for long, brain slows down because of lesser fresh oxygen and blood.

The pulse you feel on your wrists or neck is blood starting and stopping as it moves through the arteries.

Neck pain can originate from stress and worrying.

Ginger can reduce exercise induced muscle pain by up to 25%.

Exercising empty stomach in the morning can burn 20% more fat.

More antibiotics are used in meat and poultry production than to treat sick people in U.S.