Heart Facts – 28 Interesting Facts About Heart

Heart Facts for Kids

Incidence of heart attack is twice in persons with low fitness levels as compared to persons with an active life style.

Doctors suggest that every person must do 150 minutes off moderate intensity exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise every week to remain in fit form.

Treadmill, weight reduction, yoga, aerobics are all beneficial for the heart. 80% of the heart diseases can be prevented by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Managing risk factors is also important and this includes quitting smoking, reducing cholesterol intake, controlling hypertension, checking obesity and reducing sugar levels.

Sedentary lifestyle, job requiring long hours sitting on chair, public dealings, teaching can increase the risk of cardiac ailments.

An active life style and even light or moderate levels of activities keeps our muscles active and burn calories and help to keep our heart healthy.

The health of the heart depends a lot on the diet one eats. A diet which has an excess of organic food, vitamins and minerals is the best for your heart. Try to include a lot of food which can be consumed raw and cut down on grains and sugar. Omega-3 fat found in krill oil is also very beneficial for the heart.

Other factors which can contribute to the health of the heart is maintaining a healthy weight, having adequate sleep and managing stress.

Keep a check on your Vitamin D levels which optimally should be in between 50 to 70 ng/ml.