Holocaust Facts – 110 Horrible Facts About Holocaust

Facts About Holocaust

The soldiers who patrolled and operated concentration camps were called “Death’s Head”.

Nearly 220,000 to 500,000 gypsies or Romanies were killed during the Holocaust.

Originally carbon monoxide was used in gas chambers, later Zyklon B an insecticide was developed to kill inmates.

The laborers at the concentration camp were made to run in front of SS officers to show they had strength. The SS officers directed them into two lines, where one line goes to gas chambers and the other goes back to the barracks. The runners were unaware which line goes where.

The Auschwitz and Birkenau gas chambers could kill 6,000 people per day.

Victims in the gas chamber could climb on one other to get to the top to breather, because the gas would rise up from the bottom, the strongest would get to the top but eventually die.

From 1933-38, most people in concentration camps were prisoner who spoke or acted against Nazis.

By July 1933, 27,000 people were held in the German concentration camps.

Jews were only 1% of the total German population or around 525,000 in 1933.

During the next 6 years, Nazis undertook Aryanization of Germany, where they dismissed non-Aryans from civil services, stripped Jewish lawyers and doctors of clients, dissolving Jewish businesses.