Holocaust Facts – 110 Horrible Facts About Holocaust

10 Facts About the Holocaust

Though in August 1941, the program was put to an end by Hitler after protests from German religious leaders, the killings continued in secrecy.

275,000 disabled people from all over Europe were killed by 1945.

As Germans expanded their empire in Denmark, Belgium, Norway, France, Luxembourg and Netherlands, Jews, Gypsies from all over the continent were transported to Polish Ghettos in beginning of 1941.

In June 1941, during the course of invasion of Soviet Union, mobile killing units were established killing over 500,000 Soviet Jews and others by shooting.

Since June 1941, experiments with mass killings were practiced at Auschwitz camp.

In August 1941, 500 Soviet POW were gassed with the pesticide Zyklon-B and a huge order for the gas was placed to the pest-control firm.

In September 1941, Jews in the German held territory were marked with yellow star, making them open targets. They were deported to Polish ghettoes and German occupied cities in Soviet Union.

In 1941, people who are least useful the sick, weak, old and young were transported to the concentration camps from ghettos in Poland.

The first mass gassing began on March 17, 1942 at the camp of Belzec, Lublin.

Jews from all over Europe including the German controlled territory and its allies were deported to the camps from 1942 – 45.