Holocaust Facts – 110 Horrible Facts About Holocaust

Facts on the Holocaust

The heaviest deportation took place in 1942 when over 300,000 people were deported from the Warsaw ghetto alone.

In 1944, when the events of D-Day were beginning of the end for Germany, large proportions of Jewish populations from Hungary were deported to Auschwitz and about 12,000 Jews were killed every day.

In October 1944, the last set of 18,000 Jews was transported from Theresienstadt to Auschwitz. Most of them were killed in gas chambers on arrival.

In 1944, as Germany was starting to lose, they began evacuating the death camps and were marched further from the advancing enemy. These are called “death marches” that claimed some 250,000 to 375,000 lives.

The Knesset made Holocaust Remembrance Day a national holiday in Israel in 1959.

A polish officer, Witold Pilecki volunteered for a Polish resistance operation to get imprisoned in Auschwitz to gather information, escape and let the world known about the Holocaust.

There were 6 extermination camps including Auschwitz, Belzec, Majdanek, Chelmno, Treklinka, Sobibor, that were located in occupied Poland.

The camera company, Leica helped hundred of Jews before the Holocaust by hiring and sending them abroad.

10,000 Nazi war criminals were imprisoned after being convicted from 1945-85.

5,000 Nazi war criminals were executed from 1945-85.