Hurricane Katrina facts – 38 Interesting Facts About Hurricane Katrina

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Interesting Facts About Hurricane Katrina

The Hurricane caused extensive damage to most of the high-rise buildings in New Orleans. The Hyatt Regency was sustained significant damage and the Hotel’s glass exterior being ripped off.

$14.5 billion is the amount spent to upgrade New Orleans Levees, and today the city is protected from a storm stronger than Katrina.

Hurricane Katrina cost the nation $108 billion.

Insurance covered only $80 billion.

In a report released by the American Society of Civil Engineers found the design and the construction of the levees and floodwalls in New Orleans flawed and came down heavily on the US Army Corps of Engineers who had been tasked with preparing the conception design and construction of the flood control system.

The hurricane made 300,000 homes uninhabitable.

113 offshore oil and gas platforms were destroyed in the storm.

It also damaged 457 oil pipelines and spread an oil slick as large as Exxon Valdez disaster.

75,000 people lost their homes in the hurricane.

705 people are still reported missing, ten years after the storm wreaked havoc in New Orleans.