Hurricane Katrina facts – 38 Interesting Facts About Hurricane Katrina

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Facts on Hurricane Katrina

Thousands of people are still unemployed due to Hurricane Katrina.

In the past 100 years, New Orleans has been hit by massive hurricanes six times, 1915, 1940, 1947, 1965, 1969 and 2005.

The Hurricane Katrina produced many heroes who helped other in the times of need, The Coast Guard, for instance, rescued some 34,000 people in New Orleans alone.

Hurricane Katrina had impacted 93000 square miles and 138 parishes and counties.

There was an outpouring of grief from nations across the globe and aid poured in. Kuwait made the largest pledge of $500 million and other countries like China, Pakistan, and Bangladesh made sizeable contributions as support.

The enormous death toll and mayhem caused by the Hurricane Katrina led to the retirement of the name from the Atlantic hurricane naming lists. It has been replaced by the name Katia.

Hurricanes are named according to a convention maintained by the World Meteorological Organization. The list of names is changed over a period of few years. The list of names for hurricanes originating in the Atlantic Ocean is changed every six years.

Hurricane Katrina also impacted northern Cuba damaging telephone lines and around 8000 people were evacuated to higher places from Pinar del Río Province.