Ireland Facts – Interesting Facts About Ireland

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Facts About Ireland

In 1992, Nelson Mandela has visited Ireland.

Irish love horses.

Pubs are very popular in Ireland.

The Ireland’s war of independence or the Anglo-Irish War was between the Irish Republic Army (IRA) and the British Government.

The independence war lasted from Jan, 1919 to July 1921, when the Anglo-Irish Treaty was signed in 1921 resulting in the partition of Ireland.

Ireland was part of major wars including the Anglo-Irish War, Walliamite Ear in Ireland, War in Afghanistan and the Nine Years War.

In medieval Ireland murderers were given to the deceased family as slaves if they failed to buy to pay hefty fine to buy their freedom. Then family could even kill the murderer legally by themselves.

Dublin comes from an Irish word Dubh Linn meaning balckpool.

To the northwest of Ireland, there is a small island like the face of a gorilla. It can be yours for about $227,000.

A song can reach the top of the Irish music charts by only selling 5,000 copies.

A book can reach the top of the Irish bestseller list by selling only 3,000 copies.