Ireland Facts – Interesting Facts About Ireland

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Facts About Ireland

Ireland is the first country in the world to legalize same sex marriage via a national referendum in 2015.

25% of Europe’s computers are made in Ireland, as of 2015.

It was illegal to get a divorce in Ireland until 1997.

Ireland is the first country in Europe to declare its waters a dolphin and whale sanctuary.

In Ancient Ireland, people respected their dogs so much that if a King or Warrior gained the loyalty of a hound they would be given a “Cu” prefix meaning “Hound” that is added before their name to show others that they were worthy of the respect and loyalty of a dog.

While the whiskey matures, some of the whiskey evaporates and is lost. Irish distillers call this as the Angel’s share.

In Ireland, be careful when using public toilets, as ‘M’ on the door could stand for the Irish word mna meaning ladies, while ‘F’ can refer to fir meaning men.

In Ireland, any woman who has an abortion faces up to 14 years in prisons.

Northern Ireland is the second most sparsely populated part of the UK. It comes second to Scotland.

There are no snakes in Ireland.