Ireland Facts – Interesting Facts About Ireland

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Cool Ireland Facts

Halloween is derived from Samhain, an Irish festival.

White house was designed by an Irish named James Hoban.

Muckanaghederdauhaulia, is the longest name of a place in Ireland.

“Happy Hours” are banned in Ireland.

Rotunda Hospital in Ireland is the longest continually operating maternity hospital in the world. It’s operational since 1745.

The Royal Cork Yatch Club is the world’s oldest yatch club that is located in Ireland. It was opened in 1720.

Achill Island is the largest island off the Ireland’s coast.

15 of the major railway stations in Ireland are named after the leaders of the 1916 uprising.

Carrantouhill, is the highest mountain in Ireland, standing at 3,445 feet.

U2 is the Ireland’s most famous musical export.