Isaac Newton Facts – 75 Interesting Facts About Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton Facts

Newton was shown on 1 Euro notes from 1978 – 88.

Newton predicted that Jews will take back Israel, and it turned out to be absolutely correct.

Principles of conservation related to momentum and angular momentum, empirical law of cooling, refraction of light, the building of the first principle of telescope are some of the other significant works of Newton.

Newton was one of the proponents of particle theory; it suggests that light is made up of particles and not waves.

Newton was not much a politician, and in his year as a member of parliament, he spoke only once and that was to tell someone to close the window.

Newton invented a more powerful telescope that is 10 times smaller than the traditional telescope.

Newton had an obsession with Bible. He studied Bible at great depths and in fact wrote more on religion than on math and science.

Sir Isaac Newton’s father’s name was also Isaac Newton.

Isaac Newton was a grumpy man and he often argued with people.

Newton wasn’t interested in school work but he was more interested in reading and making things.