Isaac Newton Facts – 75 Interesting Facts About Isaac Newton

Facts about Isaac Newton

Newton wasn’t expected to survive as a child because he was born quite premature, nearly 11 to 15 weeks.

Newton came from a poor family, his father died three months before he was born, making the conditions even worse for his family.

When Newton was 3 years, his mother remarried and went to live with her husband while leaving her son in the care of his grandmother.

Newton hated his step father probably because he married his mother and he was left with his grandmother.

Newton educated at The King’s School Grantham from the age of 10 to 17, where he learnt Greek and Latin.

At the age of 12 Newton was reunited with his mother after her second husband dies and brought along three small children from her second marriage.

Newton’s mother insisted Newton to go to family farm, he followed her mother’s order, but he turned out to be an awful farmer.

Newton was sent back to the King’s School to finish his basic education.

Newton’s uncle managed to persuade her mother to allow him to join Cambridge’s Trinity College.

Isaac Newton went to the Trinity College, University of Cambridge in 1661 as a subsizar, a student required to perform various domestic services until he received scholarship in 1664.