Isaac Newton Facts – 75 Interesting Facts About Isaac Newton

Interesting Facts About Isaac Newton

Newton earned his bachelor’s degree in January 1665.

The University was temporarily closed as a precautionary measure for Great Plague in 1665. Newton returned home and started formulating theories on light, color, calculus and gravity.

In 1667, Newton then returned to Cambridge and was elected as a minor fellow.

In 1668, the first reflecting telescope was invented by Newton which he used for modern study of optics.

Newton received his Masters in Arts in 1669.

Newton served as a Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge in 1669.

In 1704, Newton published his second major book “Opticks”, describing his experiments to determine the properties of light.

Newton did not like criticism and when his fellow scientists criticized him, he began a life of solitude and total isolation in 1679, and remained like that for the next 6 years.

Newton suffered a nervous breakdown when he engaged in a heated argument with Robert Hooke, another scientist who thought Newton’s theory of light was wrong and hence denounced his work. He then withdrew from the public eye in 1678.

Edmund Halley, an astronomer had paid a visit to Newton in 1684, when he heard that Newton was working on elliptical paths of celestial bodies. He urged to gather his notes.