Isaac Newton Facts – 75 Interesting Facts About Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton Interesting Facts

He discovered the binomial theorem in 1665.

Newton was secretive, and he rarely published. Though he has made majority of his discoveries between his 21st and 27th years, he didn’t disclose his findings until years later.

Newton didn’t believe in Satan or the Holy Trinity.

Newton and the falling apple fact: Newton was sitting under the tree and the falling apple has prompted him to think about gravity. However, the myth that Newton was hit on the head by the apple was a later invention.

Newton was able to remove all doubts about the heliocentric model in his age, by combining Kepler’s laws of planetary motion and his own gravity laws.

The fight over the credit for the discovery of calculus between Newton and Gottfried Leibniz is well known. Leibniz was accused of plagiarism and a report was issued by the Royal Society to prove this. The report concluded that Leibniz was fraud and Newton was the true inventor. Later it was found that the concluding comments were written by Newton himself.

Young Isaac Newton threatened to burn his stepfather and mother and their house.

Newton was left-handed. Many other famous left-handers include Napoleon, Einstein, Bill Gates, Oprah, Da Vinci, Obama, Michalangelo and Jimi Hendrix.

In 1666, Isaac Newton observed sun light using a prism and observed that light is made up of many colors.

There’s a statue of Newton, looking at an apple at his feet at the Oxford University of Natural History.