Judaism Facts – 60 Interesting Facts About Judaism

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Fun Facts About Judaism

During the World War II, 6 million Jewish People murdered in the Holocaust, a plan by Hitler extinct the race of Judaism.

Judaism is the one of the oldest and an ancient religion existing in the world.

The cap worn by the male Jews is called as a Kippah or Yarmulke. It has performed the requisites written in the Taimud.

For 13 years old Jewish Children are celebrated with a ceremony to solemnize their Adulthood and it is called a Bat Mitzvah for girls and Bar Mitzvah for boys.

The Jewish numerology is called as Gemetria and allots a numerical value for every single letter.

According to the Jewish Tradition the court of law is called the Sanhedrin and it is assigned with 71 Rabbis.

The term Anti-Semitism is derived for hatred and discrimination against Judaism faiths and Jewish people.

Judaism is actually originated around 3500 years ago.

The written Torah and the oral Torah interpret the Torah’s Laws, and it is called as Halakhah.

Jewish people follow the Sabbath to be holy for their spiritual laws and observe their customs.